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Business Inteligence

Setting up a CI/CD pipeline by integrating Jenkins with AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy

n this post, I explain how to use the Jenkins open-source automation server to deploy AWS CodeBuild artifacts with AWS CodeDeploy, creating a functioning CI/CD pipeline. When properly implemented, the CI/CD pipeline is triggered by code changes pushed to your GitHub repo, automatically fed into CodeBuild, then the output is deployed on CodeDeploy. Solution overview The functioning pipeline creates a

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Cloud Computing

AWS Route53 redirect to another domain

HTTP REDIRECTION Issue I want to redirect internet traffic from my root (apex) domain (for instance, example.com) to another domain (for instance, example.net). How can I do this? Resolution Use the following procedure to redirect your domain. In this example, we redirect example.com to example.net. Requirements A hosted zone for the domain example.com that is

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