Database Management

AWS Aurora Upgrade

Performing major version upgrades for Amazon Aurora MySQL with minimum downtime Amazon Aurora combines the performance and availability of commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases. An [...]

AWS Aurora Upgrade2022-01-12T21:29:10+05:00

NoSQL Design for DynamoDB

NoSQL database systems like Amazon DynamoDB use alternative models for data management, such as key-value pairs or document storage. When you switch from a relational database management system to [...]

NoSQL Design for DynamoDB2020-12-08T01:18:27+05:00

What is a Document Database?

A document database is designed to store semi-structured data as documents, typically in JSON or XML format. Unlike traditional relational databases, the schema for each non-relational (NoSQL) document can [...]

What is a Document Database?2022-04-13T23:02:36+05:00

What is NoSQL?

NoSQL is a term used to describe high-performance, non-relational databases. NoSQL databases utilize a variety of data models, including document, graph, key-value, and columnar. NoSQL databases are widely recognized [...]

What is NoSQL?2022-04-13T22:58:11+05:00
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