C-Store Integrator enables exporting content from any SQL database, preserving the structure and relationships between entities. This tool helps process the database output to many formats and distributes the results to various channels (including email, ftp, cloud destination, etc.). Supported databases are MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, as well and many others.

Help, Tutorials & FAQs

Getting Started

Installation Instructions

File Management

Interface Profiles Setup

Reporting & Exports

How to create a new insterface


Licensing Options

Distribution Channels

Output and Channels


Help and FAQs

Highlighted Features

  • Integrated Task Scheduler

  • Automatic Error Logging and Alerts

Release Notes

  • Licensing module by number of activate interfaces
  • Built in task scheduler
  • Improved and streamlined UI
  • Automatic Installer
  • Output headers with several header types and field variables
  • Output commands supporting, comments and advanced syntax
  • Various output types and delimiting options
  • Multi-profile support

Adding basic output headers

First version of DB exporter with basic functionality supporting one interface and one delivery method

Installation Instructions
  • Purchase and download the latest version of the C-Store Integrator
  • Run the “Setup.exe” and follow the installation instructions
  • Adjust access privileges of the selected main installation folder (by default “C:\Program Files (x86)\HeadSoft Consulting\CStore Integrator\” to users\full access
  • Import / copy purchased interface profiles
  • Startup the application and activate the license:
    • Send the generated activation keys to licensing@headsoft.net
    • Import the activation key and restart the application
  • Adjust the interface profile settings

Reporting & Export Interfaces

We have a wide variety of existing interfaces to choose from.

For your specific needs we also offer a custom interface development.


Pick the plan that’s best for your business

Licensing is based on the number of active interfaces.

1 interface $400 / year
3 interfaces $1000 / year
5 interfaces $1500 / year
10 interfaces $2500 / year

Distribution Channels

Currently supported channels and protocols.

  • Email – distribute output results to an email recipient or a group

  • Local Storage – save the results locally or within your company’s network

  • Cloud Storage – upload results to a cloud storage

  • FTP – upload results to an ftp site

  • SFTP – upload results to a secured sftp site

  • HTTP end point – upload results to and http end point