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AWS Batch and Docker Image

Docker enables you to create highly customized images that are used to execute your jobs. These images allow you to easily share complex applications between teams and even organizations. [...]

AWS Batch and Docker Image2020-04-16T20:15:14+05:00

Building a Progressive Web Application (PWA) with Angular Material and AWS Amplify. This is the first of a series of posts outlining how to build a multi-platform Progressive Web Application (PWA) supporting mobile and desktop environments. Part 1 (your are here): [...]

Building a Progressive Web Application (PWA) with Angular Material and AWS Amplify.2020-04-16T20:22:43+05:00

AWS WAF, Shield, Firewall Manager

AWS WAF AWS WAF is a web application firewall that lets you monitor the HTTP and HTTPS requests that are forwarded to an Amazon API Gateway API, Amazon [...]

AWS WAF, Shield, Firewall Manager2020-04-16T20:18:30+05:00

Office 365 vs G-Suite

WHICH IS BEST FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Office 365 vs G Suite (or, as it used to be known, Google Apps)...which is better? This is a question that many businesses, [...]

Office 365 vs G-Suite2019-03-28T01:29:03+05:00

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web, and are: Reliable - Load instantly and never show the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions. Fast - [...]

Progressive Web Apps2019-03-28T01:29:51+05:00
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