Over the past 6 months we’ve launched over 25 new features in Google Data Studioincluding: making the product free and available globally, adding support for PostgreSQL and MySQL, and providing many new report layout options. Overall feedback has been great!

Now we’re adding new features to make it quicker to access your data.

Community Connectors Developer Launch
We want to make it easy to access all your data within Data Studio. Today we are launching a new Data Studio “Community Connectors” developer program allowing you to visualize data from any source.

Community connectors are created using Google Apps Scripts and are easy to build! (our UX team even built one to monitor bitcoin prices). Once created, a connector can be shared with other users, who can use the connector to access their own data.

Today we have over 10 partners who have built connectors to over 200 sources and we’re excited to welcome more developers and data providers to the Data Studio community.  Check out the Community Connector Gallery to explore what our partners built.

Data Studio Community Connector Gallery

Embedded Reports

Many customers want to bring Data Studio reports into their workflows or publish Data Studio reports on their own website. Now you can embed Data Studio reports in your websites and apps using simple iframe embedding. To see your report in your site, edit it, select Report > File > Embed report, then put the HTML code snippet into an iframe. Embeds can be fully interactive, and support both private, public, and non-logged in access, giving you fine-grained control over who can see your data.This new capability will allow you to share compelling data stories through your public websites and blogs, or share critical insights using your own business applications for no additional cost.

Data Control

Large organizations and agencies often have access to many accounts; for example, thousands of AdWords accounts, or hundreds YouTube channels. To simplify reporting, the new data control allows you to reuse a single report across all your accounts, dramatically reducing the time it takes to view data in a report. The data control can also be used to templatize reports, allowing viewers to see their data in a report without having to create anything in Data Studio. The data control supports the following connectors: AdWords (Account & MCC), YouTube Analytics, Search Console, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, and Google Analytics. We plan to add support for more connectors in the future.

Data Studio report with AdWords, Search Console, YouTube, and DoubleClick Data Controls

And a few other updates

We’ve also added a couple of additional capabilities. You can now export any chart data directly to Google Sheets. We added a new Google Cloud Storage connector, making it easy to use Data Studio with your data in Google Cloud Storage. We’ve added SSL support for the MySQL connector. We’ve added the ability to see the totals in the table visualization. And finally, we’ve made the product available in Russia.

These announcements make accessing your data within Google Data Studio easier than ever. We’re excited to see what people do with them. For more information, check out:


Data Connections

Connect data to reports from databases like Google BigQuery, Google Cloud SQL, and MySQL. Additionally connect data from Google Sheets, Google Analytics and Analytics 360, AdWords, DoubleClick, and YouTube channels.

Data Transformation

Create dimensions, metrics, and calculations to clean and transform your data without having to update your raw data. Functions allow dozens of mathematical, string, date, and other functions to transform your data into more useful values and metrics.

Data Visualization

Choose from a broad array of charts, graphs, and visualizations available to bring your data to life. These include time series, bar charts, pie charts, tables, heat maps, geo maps, scorecards, scatter charts, bullet charts, and area charts. Each visualization has built-in comparison functions making it easy to see the changes in the data period over period.

Report Customization

Data Studio allows you to customize every aspect of your reports and dashboards to make them your own. Add logos and icons, change the background, fill, line, and text colors, and choose from an array of fonts, line styles, and object properties to make your data come to life. Insert dynamic controls to allow viewers to interact and explore data in realtime.

Sharing & Collaboration

Data Studio is built with the same technology that underlies popular GSuite products like Docs, Sheets, and Slides which means you get to decide who gets access to your reports. Grant individuals or groups, inside and outside your company, the right to edit or view with just a few clicks. Real-time collaboration allows multiple teammates to edit a single report at the same time.

Report Templates

With a library of report templates to choose from, you can be up and running in minutes. Simply connect your data sources and customize the design and style to match your needs.

User Administration

You decide who gets access to Data Studio. Leveraging Google Drive technology, you can easily manage all of your users and their level of access — grant individuals or groups the right to create, edit, or view.

Put all your data to work

Easily access all the data sources you need to understand your business and make better decisions.

Transform your data

Transform your raw data into the dimensions, metrics, and calculations you need — no code or queries required.

Build engaging visualizations

Data Studio gives you the ability to create beautiful charts and graphs that bring your data to life.

Leverage teamwork that works

Harness the collective wisdom of your team. Share and collaborate in real time. Work together quickly, from anywhere.